3 Tips To Take Your Social Media Content To The Next Level

We wanted to put together some tips and suggest some products for new influencers, content creators and brands to stand out from the crowd and take their content game to the next level and compete within the market.

This year we saw a rise in the amount of people creating social media content on platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. There was a wide variety of content which included fitness, dancing, cooking, new businesses and more. Brands also plan to increase influencer marketing over the next 12 months with 63% of marketers intending to increase influencer marketing budgets. Covid-19 has also seen the overall increase of online and digital activity.

With this increase of online activity, it also means the increase of content creators and brands using social platforms making it harder to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to stand out as a brand or influence on social media is to have stellar photos and video to ensure you are producing the highest quality visual content. When you are posting try and always think about showing rather than telling. By this we mean that you should tell the story through your video or image rather than using long text. Here are some tips to help you enhance your visual content quality.

1) Camera

Your picture or video quality is essential for your content to compete. Luckily, smartphones have made It much easier to snap a photo wherever you are and create that professional quality image. If you are serious about content creation Invest in a smartphone with a top-quality camera. Here are a few suggestions:

Huwawei Mate 40 Pro VIEW

IPhone 12 VIEW

Google Pixel 5 VIEW

Of course depending on budget, we would always recommend using a separate camera however most people tend to use phones since it is an item that they already own and the image quality is exceptional for the price. Smart phones also provide a quick upload process to any social media platform. Here are a couple of cameras we would recommend:

Sony A7iii VIEW

Sony RX100 VII: VIEW

2) Lighting

Lighting is something that is often overlooked by new content creators and can make substantial difference to the appearance of your content. There is a variety of different lighting that you can use depending on your environment and the content that you create. Lighting is useful for close up shots, for example make up tutorials, Tik Tok dances, gaming streaming or fitness workouts. Here are a few lights that we would recommend.

Diyife Clip On Ring Light: VIEW

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lightning Kit: VIEW

3) Software

Using the right software can allow you to edit and resize your pictures and videos to ensure that no quality is lost when uploading to certain social platforms. You may have noticed that when you upload a video/image to Instagram the quality can often lower once it has been uploaded, this is due to the size of the image or video. If you are a skilled graphic designer, we would recommend Adobe Photoshop however for most people we would recommend Canva which is great tool for all things design and is extremely easy to use. It has templates for pretty much every social media platform feature including Instagram Reels and Tik Tok templates. This tool is great for influencers, content creators and business owners running social media accounts.

Canva also lets you edit video and create moving images that can be extremely engaging. We would encourage people to stay up to date with social media trends and to ensure that you are using the most popular features. For example using Instagram Reels which is a new feature that Instagram offers in order to compete with Tik Tok.