Five Self Development Books You Need to Read in 2021

2020 was a strange year and particularly disruptive, it’s obvious to see why many people want to try and get their lives back in order for 2021. With that in mind, here are the top five books that will help you to improve yourself over the course of the new year.

Everything is Figureoutable - Marie Forleo

This New York Times number one bestseller is written by Marie Forleo, a podcast host from New Jersey who hosts the show “MarieTv” which has over forty-seven million views. The overall purpose of the book is abundantly clear from the title, the author is trying to convince the reader that everything in life, whether good or bad, can be figured out and dealt with. In the book, she shares her nine steps (represented by the chapters of the book) which will aid the reader on their journey to a higher sense of enlightenment when it comes to the obstacles we face in day-to-day life. Moreover, at the end of each chapter, Forleo includes a real-life testimonial from someone who has implemented her teachings and improved their life in the long run.


The Third Door - Alex Banayan

This book was the number one career book according to Forbes in 2018, and an international bestseller. It is written by Alex Banayan, who is the youngest bestselling business author in American history and a renowned keynote speaker. He tracked down some of the world’s leading business people and celebrities and interviewed them on how they became so successful. He compiled all of this newfound knowledge into this book. He discovered that these people all decided to chose what he called “the third door”. He compares life and success to a nightclub: there is the first door, the main door where the majority of people wait in line to gain entry. There is the second door, the VIP door where the elites simply walk through. Then there is the third door, where those who had to work for everything they have gone through, it could be climbing through a window or sneaking through the kitchen. The point he makes in the book is that these uber-successful people in life made their own “door” to success.


CARE to Lead - Alec Mcgalliard

The long title of this book begins to explain the strange capitalisation “CARE to Lead: How to Master and Implement Four Keys to Leadership: Communication, Accountability, Relationships and Example of Excellence”. This is the core foundation of the book, Mcgalliard builds the book on these four principles of leadership: Communication, Accountability, Relationships and Examples of Excellence. In other words, C.A.R.E. Mcgalliard himself knows a thing or two about leadership. He is a veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Force and has enjoyed a career in nuclear energy for over thirty years, which has seen him be a manager and a mentor at many different levels.


Can’t Hurt Me - David Goggins

David Goggins had a challenging childhood, to say the least, he was impoverished and physically abused, as well as racially prejudiced. However, he turned his life around, lost weight and enrolled in the armed forces. He would go on to become the only man who completed the elite training for the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and as an Air Force Tactical Air Controller. Moreover, he became one of the top endurance athletes in the nation. The book is somewhat autobiographical, he uses his own personal anecdotes as examples of his teachings and to give encouragement to the reader who can see that the author himself is someone who benefitted from the lessons in the book. His primary teaching is what he calls the 40% rule; he believes that we only use 40% of our brains, and this book will aid you in utilising the full capacity of our brains.


The Science of Getting Started - Patrick King

The Science of Getting Started is a book that focuses on procrastination and how to overcome it. King takes a more analytical and scientific approach based on academic experience and research (as hinted to in the title) as opposed to the anecdotal style that some other self-help books use. King is an international bestseller and entrepreneur who has battled the demon of procrastination in the past, so although he takes a more analytical approach, he has anecdotal experience in the area. He takes an in-depth look into the psychological triggers of procrastination. Still, he manages to boil down these complex ideas and turn them into more manageable pieces of advice for the reader. This book will help you increase your discipline and willpower. Moreover, it is the first in a series of seven books by the author in the self-development genre; so if you enjoy this one and find it useful, then you may benefit from looking into the other books by the author.