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Items To Make Working From Home Easier And More Comfortable

The world has changed; there is no doubt about that. Most of us were used to being able to separate our work lives from home. Now, we don’t have much of a choice.

Offices are shut and it isn’t easy to modify your home into a temporary workspace. At times, it can be pretty expensive too.

That’s not to say that working from home doesn’t have its benefits. More time spent with loved ones, no more being late to work and for some, nice compensation for getting set up at home.

But it’s not always about the desk setup to boost your productivity. It’s all about making yourself comfortable. You are in your own home after all.

So, here are 10 items that we feel would truly help you settle in working from home to maximise your comfort, and just make it easier.

#1 Blue Light Glasses

We’re spending a lot of time in front of computer screens. Whether it be zoom calls, analysing spreadsheets or compiling vital reports, it is all done from your computer.

Most of us simply aren’t used to staring at screens for these prolonged periods. We can feel our eyeballs straining as we stare widely at the bright lights in front of us. You might even finish the workday to look in the mirror and see your eyes look blood-stained and sore.

The reason for this is the blue light that screens emit which can be harmful to your eyes if exposed for long periods of time.

Luckily for you, there are ways to counteract this to maximise eye comfort.

Blue light glasses work to block that blue light from your computer screen being reflected into your eyes. By limiting the amount of blue light, you are being exposed to can filter the harmful blue light and eliminate the strain as well as dry eyes, blurred vision and helps with headaches.

#2 Lumbar Cushion

If you’re like me and dragging in a kitchen chair around to your workspace, or simply just sitting at the kitchen table with your laptop, you’re probably agonizing over your lower back pain.

Posture is hard to keep at its peak even when you’re at your office with nice ergonomic chairs. You’ll always find yourself leaning forward to take a closer look at the screen.

So, why not try a lumbar cushion. Simply, place it on the backrest of your chair and it will provide a nice indent in the shape of your spine for you to rest into. Not only will stop you from slouching in a chair, but it will also help to keep you as straight as possible to ensure that lower back is kept nice a stable.

You might be thinking, “Surely I can just use a cushion”. But if you’re like me and you’ve tried that, you’ll find that you’re constantly readjusting it, picking it up and re-fluffing it.

With a memory foam lumbar support, you can get all day comfort with a design that is perfectly fit for you. No readjusting required.

#3 Standing Desk

Usually, when you’re at work, you walk around a fair bit. Even if you’re a student on campus at University. Walking to work, around work, walking to get lunch – there are so many instances that cause us to walk, or at the very least, get up and leave our desks.

Now, whilst at home that is made more difficult.

Sitting for too long has many short- and long-term health concerns. It can increase risk of weight gain and obesity.

You can burn up to 170 extra calories simply by standing whilst working according to the National Library of Medicine. That works out at roughly 850 extra calories per working weak.

Not only this, but it is also suggested to help with blood sugar levels. Standing after lunch was considered to reduce your blood sugar by 43% compared to sitting.

Plus, it makes a change from just sitting down all day.

#4 Laptop Stand

Whether you’ve got a laptop and an external monitor or simply just a laptop, make sure to get yourself a laptop stand.

Firstly, it helps to declutter your desk. Instead of putting things off to the side you can simply put it underneath the stand – getting rid of that ugly clutter.

However, the main comfortability benefit is your neck position. If you’ve ever watched any ergonomic videos or have inductions at work talking, you’ll know you need to keep your computer at eye level to avoid neck strain

Instead of looking down at your laptop screen, especially if your posture is correct, place your laptop on top of a stand so you can make sure to keep it at eye level and avoid that awkward aching sensation.

And please, don’t use a temporary made stand out of books and boxes. First off, it can cause heating issues for your computer, but secondly, it doesn’t look very pleasing. This is your home after all, so you want to keep it nice and tidy.

#5 Ergonomic Desk Chair

Hard, old chairs can be severely uncomfortable. Even chairs that are too soft can make working from home harder than it needs to be.

Make sure to get yourself an ergonomic desk chair.

It will make sure your posture is kept stable, but that, is just incredibly comfortable to sit on.

Say goodbye to the kitchen chair that’s purpose is for no more than an hour’s sitting.

Get rid of that old-fashioned soft chairs that you can just slump into.

And say hello to a lovely ergonomic fit that will keep your comfortable for a whole day at work.

#6 Clip on Desk Lamp

Lighting can be incredibly important when you’re working from home. Or if you’re now studying from home too.

Lowly and dim lit areas, as we all know, help us to wind down, relax with a drink and settle in for the night. It is no place for an office.

So why not get yourself a clip-on desk lamp. Brighten up your day and get you ready for work.

It’s also great for maximising your space. A clip on, will allow for this by sitting on the side of your desk and managing not to get in the way.

Plus, it’s perfect for those late-night study sessions or work deadlines to keep you awake.

#7 Wireless Changing Stand

The future is here.

Headsets, earphones, mobiles, mouse and keyboards – the lot – have all become wireless.

Some of them use batteries, but in more recent cases, they have been enabled for wireless charging, especially the latest phones.

So why not get your hands on a wireless charging station so that instead of searching for hours to try and find the right lead to plug in your phone just place it on the charging station.

I’m incredibly guilty of forgetting to charge my devices after work. In this case, you can just place it on the stand and leave it be for the next day.

It just makes life, that much easier. And it’s safe to say, we all need a bit of ease.

#8 Greenery

This is a must for any student or worker that has been forced home.

It doesn’t have any extra special perks except for the fact that it just makes it look nice.

Having a bit of greenery, whether it be a fake plant or a real one, just exudes life. It can help you feel less drained knowing that something living, and breathing is there with you. And the bright colour certainly helps to offset the dismal setting of an excel spreadsheet.

Make sure, no matter what, that you remember it is your home. It is your personal space where you deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed.

#9 Coffee Maker

Are you that person that was forever buying a coffee from the local next to work before getting into the hard gruelling day? Or do some of you have coffee machines at work or on campus?

The first few weeks of working from home without that coffee maker can make it incredibly different. Forget the tech, the resources, the people.

What you’ll notice for is that need for a hot drink.

Set yourself up nicely with a coffee maker. If you need a break from work for even 5 minutes, go and make a coffee easily.

Not only will it set you up for the day, but it will ensure to keep you going.

You don’t need to break the bank with it, a cheap one will do the job nicely!

#10 Logitech Camera

Zoom calls have taken over the modern meeting.

Do you ever find yourself on a virtual meeting with someone whose camera quality looks like something from the ice age? A complete blur that just makes it more difficult than it needs to be.

Yeah, don’t be that person.

Laptop cameras are notoriously terrible.

Get yourself a nice Logitech camera to sit on top of your screen to upgrade those zoom calls and keep you looking clear, fresh and beautiful.

Maximise Your Comfort

At the end of the day, these items are only a fair few of what you could get your hands on to make the strange working from home that little bit more comfortable to help you get the work done.

Working from home is tough. There is no doubt about it. But remember, it is your home, and you deserve to be comfortable in it. So, if it means spending a little extra cash or asking your work to pay for a few additional items to make the transition easier and more comfortable, then definitely do it.

You’ll thank us later!

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