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Become a member of The After Work Club or log in below. Scroll down to learn  about some of the perks of being a member.

The After Work Club

The After Work Club is a networking community that offers an opportunity to connect with other professionals, build relationships, and develop your career. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether membership is required to attend events. The answer is no, anyone can attend our events. However, becoming a member offers exclusive benefits that can enhance your networking experience.

As a member, you can enjoy exclusive perks and discounts from our partners. You will also have access to our members' community platform where you can interact with other members in topic-specific discussion rooms and see who is attending upcoming events. This combination of online and in-person networking will help you take your networking to the next level.

If you're considering joining our community, we encourage you to give it a try with a 30-day free trial. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of a community shaking up the networking scene.

Members Area

Get access to The After Work Club members platform. Search and engage with others members and see who is attending upcoming events allowing you to plan your next After Work Club visit.


Enjoy discounts at some of the most popular venues from our partners accross Leeds and Manchester. Within the members platform you can find exclusive discount codes and offers. 

Discounted in-person events

Expect discounts on all of our event tickets. This includes both networking and wellbeing events hosted by The After Work Club 


Use discussion rooms within the members platform to interact with other members, introduce yourself, share content that you think other members may find useful. It is the combination of online and in person interaction that sets us apart!

Perks and discounts from some of the most popular venues in Leeds

Members Platform

An exclusive space to interact with other members and make the most of your networking experience with The After Work Club.

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